WHAT IS A PRE-ORDER? It is an item that we do not have in hand to make yet. Pre Orders will have a 2-3 week turn around. Why? Because the prints are being made by our vendor which means there is a processing time on their end and then a processing time on our end.

HOW DOES A PRE-ORDER WORK? While the item is offered as a "pre-'order" it will have a SALE PRICE. That sale price will only be available while the item is a pre-order due to the wait time that the customer has to wait for us to produce the item.

CAN I ORDER OTHER ITEMS WITH A PRE-ORDER? Yes but we do NOT recommend doing so because you will have to wait the 2-3 week turn around for your entire order.

WHERE IS THE ITEM? I SAW IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! If an item is no longer showing in the pre-order section that means it has CLOSED and will not be available until we have prints in hand. It will then be part of our ready to ship section and will go back to regular price.


If you have any further questions about pre-orders please email us at SOUTHERNRHEAS@GMAIL.COM prior to purchase. Emails are answered in 1-3 business days.