Supporting Small Business - It's a Family Thing!

I have an extensive background of small owned family businesses, dating back to my great-great grandmother selling meat pies, out of her home, to help supplement her small monthly income in Natchitoches, LA. She was known throughout the town for her meat pies! My great grandparents and grandmother on my mothers side, were also small business owners having several small doughnut, hamburger cafes and thrift stores in South Dallas.

Present day, my parents own and operate a Vape store in the small town of Quinlan, started in 2013, Vapor Train. It has grown from a kitchen table start-up to a 1200 square foot brick and mortar business! Other businesses in our family include:

  • My mother has a graphic Etsy shop: CreativelyXpressive

  • My brother also has a graphic shop on Etsy: ProdigiousGraphics

  • My grandmother just opened her Etsy shop selling hand made items that she loves to sew: GrannySewStitchin

  • My aunt has a tumbler, epoxy and glitter company, with every type of glitter imaginable: Glitter Goblins

  • My cousin, has a sublimation enhancement product Home of Spray Bright, Custom Bleached Tees & More: Irrelephant Creations

  • Another aunt also has an Etsy featuring Moon water and charm bags: DenasMoonifest

So as you can see we are a family of creative entrepreneurs. Go check them out and hopefully you can find something of interest!